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Friday, September 23, 2011

Four Things I Like About Coca Cola’s Marketing

Coca-colaThe Coca-Cola company traces it’s beginning to 1886, when an Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John Pemberton, began to produce Coca-Cola syrup for sale in fountain drinks. Today it is the biggest company in the  soft-drink industry enjoying the largest share in the market.  ‘’Coca-Cola’’ is the second most common international word after "OK". People drink it in all over the world.

With it’s creativity and a great number of strong marketing strategies this company is always outstanding and respected by it’s customers. Here are my favorite 4 things about Coca-Cola’s marketing, as far as I am following it.

#1 Creative Curiosity

One core honor that Coca Cola advertising has is that they are always curious, about happenings, latest developments and how to incorporate this hot trends into their marketing. Whether relying on young women as their spokespersons (during the early 1900’s),  on Santa (1930’s-1960’s), or  on polar bears (2000), their ads are always  fantastic, colorful,  memory provoking and always curious about trends.  That is why, they’ve remained at the fore-front of soft-drink industry since time being.

#2 Coca Cola for everyone!

As you know Coca Cola segments different income levels by packaging  and its bottles come in a vast type of sizes and volumes for every country. The company offers soft drinks available for people with different amount of incomes, so it has returnable small glass bottles for people with low income, non returnable bottle packaging for the mediocre and for people with a high-level of income Coca Cola offers Coke tin.

#3 Strong competition

Since Coke’s major competitor is Pepsi Co., the company’s marketing team is focused neutralizing the competition and always giving correspondent replies to Pepsi. For instance when Pepsi launched Crystal Pepsi then Coca Cola launched Diet Coke. Which is stronger in Crystal Pepsi VS Diet Coke competition is a matter of research Smile  but I know just one thing in 2010 the sales of Diet Coke have overtaken those of Pepsi-Cola in US, making it  number 2 carbonated soft drink in America behind Coca-Cola.

#4 Coke knows how to speak to the children!

Back in 2004, in order to launch HI-C, the new drink of Coca-Cola, an acidulate taste drunk with a straw, the firm  placed 2 millions of edible tattoos in adverts which were positioned in adolescents magazines. The principle of this funny of tattooing: once stuck on the skin, the child can lick and link it until it disappears! This is  a powerful gadget for the children who can thus shock their mom while raising their tattooing while consuming even more sugar, before that sweet Hi-C hits the market finally.

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