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Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome To My Marketing Blog!

Marketing is of interest to everyone, whether you are marketing a company, services, an event, a person or  an organization. It is no longer a company department charged with limited number of tasks- it's a company-wide undertaking which requires  a lot of efforts and time to achieve your goals and make a sense in this fast growing  world.
In the upcoming weeks and months you will have the opportunity to to read my interests and ideas in marketing  context. My name is Artash and I am in my 4th year at the Armenian State University of Economics. My interest in  marketing goes back a long way to my school ages, when I was  following all interesting commercials and marketing  strategies of some popular companies at  that time. My hope about this blog is to not be painful  to me to write and to you to read. My interests include but are not limited to music, sports, traveling,  and wine. I’m sure these topics will be addressed in later posts as well…I’m from Armenia and live in one of the beautiful cities in the world- Jermuk, which I feel captures my passion to nature and clean enviroment!
This was the start of my journey,  so get pumped, excited, and ready to start taking action on what you will be learning from me here.Smile Until next time!
Artash Arakelyan 298891_216288088430267_150992104959866_603841_214317775_n

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